Whale Watching at Point Loma

Whale Watching at Point Loma

When I heard that the gray whales migrate from the Arctic Sea to Baja California and back, passing by San Diego’s coastline every year, I knew that was something I wanted to go see. I just love watching nature’s creatures in their natural habitat! December to March is the peak time for seeing the migrating whales in this area, so this past Saturday we went as a family to see if we could spot some gray whales ourselves.

And we did! We saw some! It was so exciting. It was like watching the Planet Earth series, but live! Except that the whales were a ways off shore, so we didn’t get to see them as closely as we would have liked. We did bring some binoculars though, so that helped. (There are quite a few whale watching excursions you can take to see the whales more up close, but with 6 people in the family, it was a bit out of our budget). But seeing them from shore was still fun. And later on we went up on the hill where Cabrillo National Monument includes a glassed-in viewing area with more information about the gray whales, including a skeleton of the backbone!

There was plenty of additional fun for us in the area. My boys found great little caves in the side of the hill to crawl in and play. We watched surfers and boaters. There are tide pools for viewing sea life (be sure to go at a negative tide for best viewing). Point Loma was also an important military station for many years and has remains of coastal defenses you can view.

The Old Point Loma Lighthouse still stands and visitors can go inside, walk up the narrow, spiral staircase and then a ladder to see where the original light was lit. Also a small museum nearby tells the history of the lighthouse in Point Loma and lighthouses along the California coast. The visit put me in the mood to go home and watch Pete’s Dragon!

The views from Point Loma are breathtaking.

We went to Point Loma to see some whales. But we got more than we had planned, with so much to see there. We should have planned ahead and brought lunch because we didn’t even get to see everything there! We will definitely be going back. It’s just $5 for parking, but certain weekends are free! Get more information here.