Utah’s Hidden Secret: Enchanted Fairy Forest

There are no signs leading to the Fairy Forest, which makes it even more magical and enchanting! Pathways of rocks line the way to magical discoveries of fairy homes.

Utah’s Hidden Secret: Enchanted Fairy Forest

Did you know there is a hidden Fairy Forest just East of Kamas, along the Mirror Lake Scenic Byway?! We didn’t either, until we heard about it a few days ago from Utah Valley Family Adventures. Because I was so mesmerized by it, we decided to set out today to see if we could find it. Their directions were spot on, and we were able to find it with no problems. We are super glad we tried, because it’s now one of or favorite finds of the Summer, if not of all time!

To get there:

  1. Head to Kamas, and get on the Mirror Lake Scenic Byway.
  2. Look for mile marker 17. There is a pullout right there to park at.
  3. Look towards the forest, and there will be a path on your right. Walk down that path.
  4. You will come to the campground. Cut through the campground, and continue on the path.
  5. When you come to the dry creek bed, cross it. Because of all the rain lately, there was a little bit of water in it, but it’s usually dry. Be careful, because many of the rocks are lose; make sure you have a steady rock before putting your weight on it!
  6. After crossing the creek bed, walk up the hill. When you step over a log, take about 5-10 more steps, then head down to your right. You will see the “entrance” to the Fairy Forest there.

There are many things to see in the Fairy Forest, so make sure that you plan plenty of time to look around!

Here are a few tips that we learned from our first visit there:

  • Paint rocks beforehand, or bring paint and paintbrushes to create your own part of the Fairy Forest. (Make sure the paint is not washable! You will want, permanent acrylic paints that will last through rain and snow!)
  • Bring a camera, and take plenty of pictures! My kids like having their picture taken in front of their favorite rock collection.
  • Because it’s in the forest, you will want to bring bug spray and sunscreen!
  • While driving there, make sure you watch out for deer and other wildlife along the road.

(All photos in this post belong to Michelle Powell, and cannot be used or duplicated without written consent.)

Cross the dry creek bed, and start up the hill on the other side.

Many rock arrangements in the Fair Forest are tributes and memorials to loved ones.

One of our favorite spots in the Fairy Forest