USS Midway Museum

We hit the jackpot when we decided to visit the USS Midway Museum.

This floating museum is a historical and exciting adventure for the whole family. I didn’t know what to expect, but our visit was better than I could have imagined! There is so much to see and do and experience. My boys loved this place – and my husband is jealous he couldn’t go with us. We will have to go again with him!

The USS Midway is huge, like a city floating on the sea. It’s incredible to imagine it out at sea with thousands of people aboard living there day in and out. When we entered, we were directed to an area to pick up equipment for the free audio tour. The headphones and touch-screen device allow you to tour the USS Midway at your pace and in whatever order you please. When you arrive at an area, you can push in the numbers posted there to hear information about it or real stories about men and women and their experiences. My kids enjoyed listening to it and got more out of it than when information is written out on displays that they don’t bother to read.

We spent three hours there and didn’t quite see everything, but definitely covered a lot. My boys loved the planes they were actually able to get into and play with switches and controls, pretending to be the pilots.

The flight deck hosts a number of planes and helicopters, including the type in the movie Top Gun. And the views up on top the flight deck are gorgeous.

There were also a few areas with interactive activities they really liked, as well as getting to practice using Morse code.

Here are a few specific areas we liked:

The brig…uh, oh, don’t do anything wrong and end up here!

Strategy and tracking happened in this room during Operation Desert Storm!

Communications area

The Pilot’s Ready Room, getting briefed on their upcoming mission.

The Mess Hall

The docents on board are friendly and eager to share their knowledge. Ask any questions and learn even more about this marvelous piece of naval history. And when you are done with your visit, be sure to enjoy a little walk along the water. These are great climbing trees my boys had fun climbing.

And this statue, based on the famous WWII photo, is right there along the water front as well.

The USS Midway is a great place to visit. So much fun and educational and historic as well. It is a bit pricey, especially for a family to visit, so watch for a discount. We went in February because of Macy’s 50% off museum discount that goes on each February. Five years old and younger are free. Strollers cannot go in most places down inside the ship because of the hallways and tight areas you walk through. Get all the info here and have a great time!