SLC Momentum Climbing Birthday Party Giveaway

SLC Momentum Climbing Birthday Party Giveaway

I love birthdays and I love celebrating . . . but I hate cleaning my house and planning games by the quarter hour for over a dozen crazy tween boys.

My solution: we hosted our sons birthday party at Momentum climbing this year. No cleaning, minimal prep, and plenty of room to burn up that 12-year-old boy energy!

I love climbing in a gym with kids. It’s a safe place where they can push their limits and try new things. I had a few in the group afraid of heights and the staff was incredible with them and had them climbing in no time. The kids left tired, just how we parents like them.

Just show up and they’ll handle the rest. They even provide the cups, plate and napkins for the goodies that you bring.

All the birthday party prep I had this year was to make cupcakes (marshmallow stuffed!), and pick up some granola bars from Sprouts. (you know, because granola bars are outdoorsey).