Having studied plants this year with my kids, we visited the Botanical Garden in Encinitas to wrap up our studies.

This place surpassed my expectations. It is more than a garden; this place is huge! With a variety of gardens showcasing plants from Australia, Africa, Central America, California and more, we spent hours wandering through the tranquil pathways.

One of our favorite areas was the fruit garden. We were able to see and learn about fruits we don’t have in America. Did you know there is a type of banana called the “Ice Cream Banana”? And one type that tastes like vanilla pudding! I want that one! We also enjoyed the herbal garden where we were able to touch and smell so many wonderful herbs including lemon balm, nutmeg geranium, chocolate mint and more.


Plants you can touch and smell.

The waterfall in the tropical rain forest area was beautiful. The pond with the water lilies was also serene. If you go here on a date or alone, this would be an area to relax and rejuvenate!

The Hamilton Children’s Garden was a big hit with my kids. A tree house made in the likeness of an African Fig Tree is a haven for kids who love to climb and explore. There is also an “Alphabet Garden” with a plant for each letter of the alphabet. The stream kept my boys entertained for awhile as they could run plastic boats down the stream. The vegetable garden was another great stop and my kids were able to make a newspaper holder and repot a small plant to take home.

The San Diego Botanical Gardens is spread over 37 acres with over 3,300 species and varieties of plants from all over the World. It is a beautiful place to visit. If you live close by, get a family pass so you can visit all year long. The Gardens have classes and many events throughout the year as well as Thursday Family Fun Nights during the summer. If you aren’t sure about a pass, go for the first time and you can apply your admission to the pass if you decide to get one after you visit. Regular admission is just $12 for an adult and $6 for kids.