Ponderosa Park: Sunnyvale, CA

If you were to ask me what my family’s area of outdoors expertise was, I would call us park connoisseurs.

Well, I would call us that, but only after I looked up the correct spelling, if we’re being honest. We kind of specialize in touring the Bay Area in search of the latest and greatest parks. You’d be surprised on just how many awesomely unique parks there are available to us lucky Bay Area residents.

On this particular fine, Spring day, we headed out to check out a new one (to us) called Ponderosa Park, in Sunnyvale, CA! Sunnyvale is a really nice town in the South Bay between Mountain View, and Santa Clara, and it’s conveniently surrounded by freeways 28-, 85, 101, and 237.

This park is really unique in that it has an awesome “vintage” cannon smack dab in the middle of the park! The kids loved climbing on it, pretending to be… well, someone who shoots cannons. My mommy friends and I (I went with a couple of people from my playgroup) loved that the cannon was planted in that lovely bouncy, rubberish, blue stuff (a.k.a. rubber turf) that I so lovingly raved about in my last post, which was comforting when we had a few near falls, and one BIG OLE FALL on the playground.

For a park to get 5/5 stars with my family, there are a few requirements. One is sand. *Check*

Another is slides, the more, the better. *Check*

And the next requirement is stuff to climb on, and again, the more, the higher, the better. *Check*

Last, but definitely not least, is plenty of space to roam! As the kids’ imaginations are blooming, they like more space to just run, and play, and pretend. The park is there as a safe-ish background for exploration, but I love, LOVE when my kids play together, and make up their own games.

What is your favorite park??