Old Town San Diego House of Jerky & Root Beer

One of my many favorite places in San Diego is Old Town

Among all the historical places to visit, delicious restaurants to enjoy, and fun shopping, we found a little gem my kids will not leave Old Town without a stop in first – Old Town House of Jerky & Root Beer. This little store in the northwest corner of the Historic Park, near Fiesta De Reyes, features over 60 types of bottled soda.

I am a big fan of root beer. Definitely my favorite type of soda. And the variety is incredible! My favorite – by name at least – is “Dang! That’s good root beer”. They also sell a butterscotch root beer that was surprisingly good. My husband tried Al Capone’s recipe, used during the prohibition when bottles of root beer would surround bottles of alcohol to protect their stock of alcohol during raids. It was pretty good.

Root beer isn’t the only soda though. And my kids love trying out the different flavors each time we go. My 10-year-old has a difficult time deciding which soda to try each time we go. (We’ve been three times now.) Although he didn’t even hesitate when the clerk asked him if he was a Harry Potter fan and said he had butter beer. Oh, yes, he had to have that. And he loved it.

We’ve had black cherry, ginger beer, chocolate soda, more familiar sodas such as Orange Crush. There are so many to try! We keep track of which ones we’ve had and which flavors were good. My youngest son tried a cherry soda one time that was terrible. We have recorded that brand name and won’t be trying any other flavors of that brand!

We have not tried the jerky yet – my kids are much more interested in the soda. But they definitely have a variety of jerky and exotic jerky too, such as ostrich, alligator and more. The staff is very friendly and fun to talk to when we visit. The shop has some tables and benches right outside the store to enjoy your soda. And the six pack is just $12. Root beer floats are also available at buy one, get one free!

Next time you are in Old Town, take your kids to The House of Jerky and Root Beer – a fun little stop in Old Town San Diego.