Miniature Golf Outing at Zone Action Park

Of course there was a Longhorn on the golf course! We live in Texas

Miniature Golf Outing at Zone Action Park

While sitting at my desk eating my lunch, I couldn’t help but laugh when thoughts of last night’s miniature golf experience with the family popped in my head. My hubby and I decided to treat the girls (ages two and seven) to an impromptu trip to our local miniature golf park. It was our younger daughter’s first time and watching her trying to hit the ball with her golf club was both endearing and time consuming. Not only did we have to battle gusty winds (which knocked down one of the cow displays like a scene from “Twister” and having to place my heavy purse on the course to keep the synthetic turf from blowing off), but we had two overly excited kids running amok and screaming in sheer delight at this new game.

In a perfect world, we would’ve had the whole place to ourselves. Since we didn’t, we worried about the group of people behind us who were patiently waiting their turn as our girls tried getting the balls in the hole. What seemed like an eternity of me saying, “be careful sweetheart” and “don’t hit your sister with the golf club”, only took one hour of our life. These impromptu trips are almost always a guarantee for a memorable event which successfully mimicks a Saturday Night Live parody.

We had two hours to squeeze all of our “fun” prior to closing time and somehow, we managed to “swing it” (I love my puns!). My family and I played in a way that made the most sense. We let the two year old and seven year old play their version of golf which consisted of taking multiple swings until finally picking up the ball and placing it into the hole. Fearful one of the girls would accidentally let go of their weapon (the golf club) thus hitting a golfing patron, my hubby and I closely followed behind.

Our little golfer in the making and yes, Daddy dressed her today

After finishing the course, we redeemed our pre-purchased kart tickets for a quick ride around the track. Excitedly, I rode the coveted karts with my seven year old while always remembering to wave to my hubby and two year old (who were watching us from the sides). With my fun time over, I held our two year old while the hubby got to ride the kart solo and our seven year old cruised around in the kiddie karts before hitting the indoor Game Zone.

Having so much fun on this go kart!

Though our two year old wasn’t big enough to ride the karts or participate in the indoor arcade, she still had a blast. In addition to riding toddler rides, she inserted the game tokens and redeemed the coupons for toys.

Fun for all ages

With kids, it doesn’t matter how much money you spend on an event as long as you remember to keep it simple and to have fun! I’d recommend packing snacks for the kiddos, leaving the heavy purse at home (it was difficult trying to swing the golf club while toting a purse my shoulder) and bringing extra elastic bands to keep long hair away from the face (for both the miniature golf and kart rides). Also, for those warm sunny days, be sure to pack sunscreen.

If you’d like to check out the same golf course, we went to Zone Action Park located in Lewisville. The venue was local, convenient to access (next to 35), small enough to keep a watchful eye on little ones and the staff was friendly and helpful.