Make and Take at the Indianapolis Museum of Art

Origami Yoda is still origami, right?

When I first moved to Indianapolis, I discovered this little thing called the Indianapolis Museum of Art (IMA).

It had me at hello. The beautiful museum. The beautiful art in the museum. The grounds. The Lilly House. Oh, the Lilly House. The gardens. The awesome art outside the museum.

I remember one afternoon heading out to the Children’s Museum with a neighbor for the first time and it was closed that day. We weren’t sure where to go but I suggested we take our toddlers and go to the Indianapolis Museum of Art. She wasn’t quite sure what to make of that suggestion – typically, a museum of art is not the first place on the list to go with little ones. We only explored the outdoors but it was perfect. Plenty to do, plenty to see. She said she would have never thought to go to the IMA but she was a convert.

I’ve been back again and again. When 300 acres opened, we ventured out with my preschooler. When I was part of a pre-school co-op, I brought a dozen or so kids for a field trip and arranged for a docent-led tour specifically tailored to their age-group. When I was going through a rough patch in my life, we came so I could stare at a Georgia O’Keefe and feel peaceful. I can’t say enough about how much I love the Indianapolis Museum of Art. Whether a visit centers around my kids or whether it is a visit with just my husband, the Indianapolis Museum of Art can be the perfect spot. Your trip will be different depending on whether or not you have kids with you but the great thing is that you CAN take your family. Art should be accessible to all ages and it is at the Indianapolis Museum of Art.

I don’t know how it slipped my attention that the Star Studio opened and every weekend there is free family Make & Take activity. We planned an afternoon last month and spent the day at the IMA. First stop – the Star Studio. I was a little worried that my toddlers would get bored easily. I initially thought this visit would be centered around my six-year old because he loves art, loves to create and he’s old enough to sit still (for at least a little while).

Each month, there is a different activity inspired by something in the museum. In April, it was origami which was perfect because my son has recently become interested in origami. There was a staff member there helping others but my son went straight to work on his own creation without asking for guidance. He wasn’t exactly following the rules but that’s okay – everyone there is just creating.

My girls went straight to work at creating their own works of art using iPads that are set up in the studio. They spent so much time and were fully engrossed in drawing with their fingers on the iPads. The Star Studio at the IMA is a relatively small space but they pack so much into that studio. It is all engaging and entertaining to young minds. Once I accepted the fact that yes, my kids were totally content, I set to work on my own project and found myself actually relaxed (a monumental occurrence!) and enjoying making some art of my own. I may have been so relaxed because I didn’t have to worry about the mess we were making and keeping my house clean. An art studio is meant to have some mess! So mission accomplished – a great afternoon and another reason to add to my list of why I love the Indianapolis Museum of Art. The Make & Take activities are free and are held each Saturday and Sunday from 1:00-4 :00PM in the Star Studio at the Indianapolis Museum of Art.

Leave your work of art in the Star Studio to inspire!

Free parking is available and is first come, first serve. Paid parking is also available. Check out the Indianapolis Museum of Art website for more information about their hours, directions and exhibits.