Instagram Journey Through England And Ireland

You can really get spoiled from spending three weeks traveling through England and Ireland.

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The UK and Ireland can be pricey. We cut down on costs by staying with friends and visiting the free stuff. If you’re ever visiting the UK and/or Ireland, here are a few places you might be interested in. They’re all free unless indicated!


The British Museum ~ Home to the Rosetta Stone and pieces from the Greek Parthenon. It’s amazing!

The Science Museum ~ The Web Lab is the coolest!

Natural History Museum and Victoria And Albert Museum ~ We didn’t actually visit either of these because we ran out of time, but they’re just around the corner from The Science Museum.

Buckingham Palace ~ This is just a 20 minute walk from The British Museum. Of course we didn’t go in but it’s lovely to see from the gate!

Westminster Abbey ~ It’s a bit pricey to go in (and you can’t take photos inside) but it’s beautiful to see from the outside. They do have a 5 pm service that you can go to (for free) if you really want to see the inside.

Big Ben ~ Right across the street from Westminster Abbey, it’s a beautiful sight to behold.

London Eye ~ Not a freebie and one that we chose not to do, but it’s right by Big Ben and Westminster Abbey, if you’re interested.

Tip: When you come off the plane, there are people right there to sell you tickets into London. They’re for the fast track. If you’re looking to save some pounds, go past them and find the London Underground desk. You’ll find tickets much cheaper there.

South England

Brighton Pier ~ I’m sure there are lots of piers you could go to on the South coast. We went to Brighton and the pier was lovely. The town is quite lovely as well. It’s free to walk along, but if you have money burning a hole in your pocket, there are some carnival type rides right on the pier.

Arundel Castle ~ Did you know that South England contains over 30 castles of the 100 or so found in all of England? A castle is a must see if you visit the UK. Not only is the town of Arundel cute, the castle is simply amazing. It’s not a freebie but well worth the money. My kids loved it! It took us about three hours to explore. For more castles in South England, visit here.

Tip: We found eating out to be quite expensive. For lunches, we chose to visit the grocery store and buy waters, a baguette, cheese (because the cheese is amazing), fruit, and crisps. That alone cut our lunch costs in half.


Kilkenny ~ Kilkenny is a lovely town. Did you know it used to be the capital of Ireland? Kilkenny Castle is situated there. You have to pay to go in or you can watch a video on the history for free as well as enjoy the beautiful grounds. There’s a great park there for the kids. There are lovely shops across the street, too!

Leo Burdock’s in Dublin ~ If you want some fish and chips, you must try Dublin’s oldest chipper, Burdock’s. Obviously not free because it’s an eatery, but one order is plenty enough for 2.

Trinity College ~ Not only is the campus a sight to behold, but Trinity College is home to the Book of Kells. There is a cost to see this really, really old book (dated back to 800 AD) but if you’re fascinated by such old pieces of history (as I am) then it’s worth it.

Tip: To get from England to Ireland, we put our rental car on a ferry and rode over. The three hour journey on Stena Lines was so comfortable! You can also book Irish Ferriesfor your ride over.

Birmingham, England

Canals in Birmingham ~ Did you know that Birmingham has more canals than Venice? You can walk down to the canals to see them for free, but if you want to take a ride on the canal, it will cost about 4-6 pounds per person. They may not be as beautiful as Venice but they are full of history.

Cadbury World ~ Honestly we didn’t visit Cadbury World, but if you have kids, it looks like a fun place to visit. Be sure to book your tickets online to ensure you get in.

Tip: Order a flat white while you’re in England. They’re so good. If you order one at Costa, it will come with some beautiful coffee art.

This concludes my tour. Obviously there’s loads more to do in these two countries which is why we’ll be back someday! Also, feel free to follow me on Instagram for all of my family’s crazy travel adventures around the world! I’m JENPRICE on there.