Ice Age Giants at Indiana State Museum

Ice Age Giants at Indiana State Museum

Now through August 17, 2014, Ice Age Giants: The Mystery of Mammoths and Mastodons is on exhibit at the Indiana State Museum. If there is a gap in my acquired knowledge of ancient creatures (thanks to the obsession of my son), it would have to be the Ice Age. I hate to brag, but after visiting Ice Age Giants, I’m pretty much an expert. Well, okay, I’m not exactly an expert but I talked to experts and they know pretty much everything about mammoths and mastodons. Bottom line, I loved learning about these creatures. Essential information I needed to learn first – the difference between the two. Check.

Let’s talk bones. Ice Age Giants displays the Indiana State Museum’s Ice Age bone collection which happens to be the largest in the Midwest. It is an impressive collection. I’ve been to many natural history museums (again, thanks to my dinosaur loving son) and never seen a collection such as this. Remains from these giants are found all over Indiana making this exhibit unique because these remains were discovered in our own state.

It would not be a great exhibit without having hands-on experiences. Your kids will love uncovering bones in the dig pit. There many interactive displays in the exhibit. One of our favorites was feeling the rumble and hearing the noises that mammoths and mastodons likely made. And without giving away too much, you’ll be able to feel what it would be like to face a mammoth head-on in hunt. But even without all the activities, the collection alone is remarkable, especially when you see two full size mounts of these giants – a mammoth and mastodon. They are massive and it is a sight to behold.

Admission is included with your Indiana State Museum membership or with general admission. For more information on tickets and hours, see After you’ve visited Ice Age Giants, you can spend the rest of the afternoon at the museum. Or, take in the newest IMAX feature at the Indiana State Museum, Titans of the Ice Age 3D.