Free Community Day at The Flip Zone – Plainfield Indiana

Photo Credit: Stephanie J. Strout, The Flip Zone

Free Community Day at The Flip Zone – Plainfield Indiana

Back in the day when little adult supervision was apparently required, I would spend hours on the gymnastics equipment at the gym that our family belonged to. I never took lessons and was envious of those who did but I had an epic time pretending I was an Olympic athlete doing spectacular routines. This is why my eyes bugged out when I walked into The Flip Zone in Plainfield to pick up my son at a birthday party. He was climbing and swinging on the ropes like a monkey. There were fun activities all around the huge gym. All the kids were worn out from some serious play time. There was just something so perfect about a party for kids in a 12,000 square foot facility where they could play in the foam pit, swing on the bars, or walk on the balance beams. For the birthday party, they even pulled out a bounce house.

And this is why I called to check out having my twin girls’ third birthday party at The Flip Zone. While I was speaking with the owner/operator, she told me about their annual Community Day on July 20th from 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM. There will be demonstrations and a chance to try out gymnastics. There will be a free open gym from 12:30-2:00 PM. It would also be a perfect time for you to check out The Flip Zone to see if you’d like to enroll in some of the programs they offer. Obviously, they have gymnastics classes. They also have a fitness-based preschool program. At Community Day, they’ll also have fun outside of the gym. There will be food, vendors and face painting.