Founders Park in Wylie

The Jolly Roger on the park's pirate ship/fort.

I’ve been in Wylie for over a year now, but only last week did I discover the awesomeness of Founders Park.

Located at 851 Hensley Lane, the playground at Founders Park has everything the kids and I need to have a good time at the park…including a pirate ship.

This park has the largest fort/play structure I think I’ve ever seen. A pirate ship, a train, bridges and plenty of places to climb keep little imaginations busy.

Of course, no park would be complete without DIRT. Ugh. Not that I have a problem with dirt. In fact, the contrary is true. But next time, I’m bringing digging instruments.

After our first visit, Jack spent all of last week asking to return to the “Pirate Park,” and I was happy to oblige. Not only does the park have plenty of stuff for Jack to play on, it has a special area for the toddlers, too.

The kids are always game for a trip to the park but to be honest, I am usually reluctant. Going to the park means climbing around after Claire on play structures not meant for adults (bumping my head!) and shielding her from the “big kids” as she insists on climbing every.single.thing and going down ALL THE SLIDES.

The “Tot Lot” at Founders Park is well-suited to small children, with a fort that has little steps (and no ceiling for me to bump my head on), a manageable slide, and fun tunnels.

And of course, there are swings. Lots and lots of swings! Plenty of baby swings and plenty of big kid swings (so many swings, in fact, that there are plenty for everyone!). This is important because swinging is pretty much my kids’ favorite activity ever, and we don’t have swings at any of the parks in our neighborhood.

Without a doubt, this is our new favorite park. If I’m motivated enough, I might bring a picnic lunch next time and let the kids eat at one of the covered picnic tables right outside the playground’s entrance (oh! and speaking of the entrance…the playground is fully fenced, and there’s only one way in and one way out, so it’s easy to keep the kids contained).

Take advantage of the awesome weather we’ve had lately and head over to Founders Park (and let me know if there’s another park of equal awesomeness I have yet to learn about – who knows what else we’re missing out on!).