Family Making Faces on Disney World Rides is Magic

If you’re going to take your family to Disney World, you’re bound to end up with loads of family pictures, am I right?

The Enz family from Indiana recently went to Disney World with extended family members for a reunion. Here is the family of six with good buddy, Donald. Totally typical family picture.

But this family completely upped their picture-taking game with their hilarious faces during rides. After every ride, there was something new to laugh at. Having tried to pull a face on Splash Mountain when I was there last, I know this is no easy feat. From smelling a shoe to a fatherly noogie, this family came through with photo gold. All photos shared with permission of Sarah Enz.

The guy in yellow WINS.

WHERE DID THEY ALL GO?! No. Really, I need an answer.

The shirt thing is the best.

See what I mean?!

This one might be my favorite…