My daughters and I love visiting San Francisco.

We’ve added the Exploratorium in San Francisco to our lit of things we plan on revisiting. Thanks to the Explorium for supplying us with two free tickets during our visit! All opinions are all ways my own.

This summer we gathered a few friends and drove two hours to visit the Exploratoriumon Pier 15. I had been when I was a teen. That was long before the Exploratorium made their new home off the Embarcadero at the pier. This new location is gorgeous.

Their site on the pier is beautiful. Even before you enter the Exploratorium you encounter exhibits, and explainers. What are explainers? They’re high school students who will teach you about how and why things happen. They were all friendly, enthusiastic and knowledgeable.

Skateboards as art

On the day we visited there was a skateboarding exhibit, the Rickshaw Obscuraexhibit, and Matthew and David, two explainers who taught us about clouds. Outside there’s also fog simulated over a bridge every 30 or so minutes. We loved running through the fog. These were just a few things we experienced before we’d even entered the Exploratorium.

Reflection outside the Exploratorium

There are five galleries, and innumerable exhibits inside and outside. You can literally spend an entire day playing with and interacting with all the exhibits. We were there for only two hours, and the Exploratorium recommends at least three. My daughters love to tinker with things, so we could easily spend 4-5 hours just exploring.

So many exhibits at the Exploratorium

I’m a huge fan of kids taking time, and working with materials as they seek to understand, explain, and create. My girls are always doing these things at home with whatever they find, and I find I have to relinquish my own issues to their imaginations, and instinctual nature to create.

Impossible Triangle

If you’re headed to the Exploratorium, there’s plenty of parking to be had, in and around the museum. We parked at the Levi’s Plaza Parking garage, from there it was just a short walk. If you’re a bay area resident, there are resident discount; group discounts start this fall. If you can’t make it, you can explore online on the Exploratorium’s home page.

Bring your friends to the Exploratorium

Have you been to the Exploratorium? What was your favorite exhibit?

Tinker Studio

We can’t wait to go back! Maybe we’ll see you there.


The Exploratorium provided me two tickets. All opinions and desire to visit again are entirely my own.