Cute & Furry – Alapacas within Flower Mound

Too adorable not to love!

Cute & Furry – Alapacas within Flower Mound

Last evening, I took the Girl Scout Brownie troop I lead to an alpaca farm (Nana’s Pacas) within the outskirts of Flower Mound. Boy, were we in for a treat! Alpacas, which resemble a much smaller version of llamas and camels, have qualities akin to cats. They are curious creatures, but are initially hesitant to warm up to strangers. We were warned not to sneak up or surprise them at the risk of being kicked (donkey style).

Nana (Ellen Floyd) was our host and briefed the girls on ground rules (no climbing on the fence, no loud talking, etc) before allowing us inside the alpacas’ enclosure. These animals were so cute and furry! They easily brought smiles and giggles to the girls’ faces.

Within another enclosure of the farm, we were allowed to feed a few of the alpacas which left us tickled pink! They were so gentle that they approached our hand to lick the food off of them. This was the perfect picture opportunity for our girls.

We felt safe letting our two year old feed this gentle alpaca.

Our seven year old enjoyed this trip, along with her troop