Camping The Spruces

Camping. The word either brings fear to your mind or fond memories.

For me I hold fond memories of riding in my grandma and grandpa’s van to Pineview reservoir; where we set up camp and had the week of our lives. A trip where guards come down, the cards came out and the lip-syncing was like no other. Those trips are some of my favorite childhood memories.

This year I decided to step it up and plan a trip for my family, one that hopefully my family would remember and love just like I. I decided to start small and bite off a weekend of camping, but keep it close. I chose the Spruces campground up Big Cottonwood Canyon. Close enough to bail for an emergency if need be. Make sure you make reservations 6 months in advance if you are even thinking about getting a campsite!

Since it was our first time and we don’t have a ton of equipment we went really simple on food. No dutch ovens or grills for us. We probably could have eaten smores all day, but would have gone home early from upset stomachs. Instead we went home early due to a crazy downpour of rain and the fact we’d didn’t want to sleep in a wet tent.

But, while we were there it was blissful!! Being in the mountains with the evergreens towering over us was more peaceful than I ever would have dreamed of.

We were happy to go exploring,

Collects sticks,

And explore some more.

We decided to take advantage of the AMAZING hikes up the canyon. We stumbled upon Twin Peaks which you get to from Silver Lake.

Before you start your hike, either visit the visitors center at Silver Lake for a wildflower guide or grab your own guide from the library. We went in July so the wildflowers were going crazy!! It was seriously amazing!!

As we walked the Silver Lake trail we stumbled upon logs and after the little ones did some investigating we determined they were cut down by beavers. It was one of those great moments that a Mom gets excited about because of the discovery and excitement in your little ones eyes. A discovery that they found in nature!!

Twin peaks was a short hike, but you gain 700 ft. of elevation in 1 mile. If you’re hiking with young ones you may need to go a bit slower than normal or have a pack to carry them in. Having said that the top is breathtaking! Definitely worth it! Bring a sack lunch and take in all the beauty.

Our campsite was getting lonely and the big boys were itching to use their pocket knives on the sticks we had collected that morning. Even the hubby was excited to carve a walking stick.

The little ones and I had fun with our own projects. This little guy was all about using his rubber band gun to knock down the cups while the sis and I worked on sun printing art.

The kids didn’t get bored because they were always exploring through the huge evergreens.

All in all our first family camping trip will go down in the books and get thumbs up despite the crazy weather we had!!