Around The Sound – Rock Climbing Party At Vertical World

As the mother of a preteen boy, finding new places to host birthday parties is always a challenge.

We have done every sport, video game and swim party theme there is. His interest in rock climbing made this year’s party a breeze by hosting it at Vertical World, America’s first climbing gym. There are three locations and we went to the Everett gym.

Birthday parties are $25 a climber and includes 2 hours of climbing, the back party room usage, and all the rental equipment. When you are dealing with keeping active boys entertained and away from video games, it is totally worth it.

The instructor was awesome, very patient getting the kids up and down the walls and challenging them with different activities. There are various levels of climbing walls and they all start on the easiest one to gauge their abilities. Some kids were well familiar and others, it was their first time. But it didn’t take them long to get the hang of it.

We climbed for about an hour and a half, then cleaned up, returned the harnesses and climbing shoes and headed into the party room.

You can come in early and set up the back room, and although I did need it, they have a fridge and freezer available. The room has climbing walls which I used one as a backdrop. Plus, it has a foosball table that did not go unnoticed.

I kept it simple with wraps, bags of trail mix, water and the boy’s chosen sweet, a stack of Krispy Kreme donuts instead of cupcakes.

For the favors, I found these great tumblers at Dollar Tree and filled them with Airheads, rock candy, a bouncy ‘rock’ ball and a Ring Pop.

If you are looking for a fun place to host a fun party, you can’t beat rock climbing. We had a great time. With low walls that don’t require a harness, kids as young as three can climb. Check out their different party options, they even have all-night climbing parties!

I didn’t receive a discount or freebies from Vertical World. It was good fun and I wanted to share our experience!