3 Good Things About the Indiana Snowpocalypse

Most of Indiana has been paralyzed by snow and then followed by freezing temps, or a snowpocalypse

This phenomena is a Polar Vortex and it has many Hoosiers stuck in their homes for almost three days. We’ve got people with power out. We’ve got people stuck in their homes because of the snow. We’ve experienced (and in a lot of areas are still experiencing) a red travel alert – the highest level meaning that travel is restricted to emergency vehicles and those seeking shelter. So, is it all disaster and doom? Here are three silver linings to that giant polar vortex cloud.

1.Try these three cold weather experiments to try in the cold weather from NPR.org. We tried the boiling water in the sub-zero weather. It was all kinds of awesome. My husband (@brandons_lens) took these photos. What kind of experiments did you do during the snowpocalypse?

2.Check out the hashtag IndianaSnowpocalypse on Instagram to see some of the coolest shots of the storm and its aftermath from all over Indiana. Follow @igersindyand @igersindiana to see some of the best local pictures. You’ll find some of the most creative and cool photography of the storm. Do you have some to add? Make sure to tag it with #IndianaSnowpocalypse. Here were my additions:

​Sun Dog

3.The Friday night before the storm hit on Sunday, I went to the grocery store. I knew it would be crazy but it was really over-the-top crazy. I walked away feeling grateful that I am prepared with emergency supplies and food storage to an extent but also realizing the gaps in my emergency preparedness. To prepare for the next big storm, Resolve to be Ready in 2014 #prepared2014. Check out http://www.ready.gov/prepared2014 for help in creating a plan, getting an emergency kit ready and more. Start now and be ready for whatever emergency may be next.