10 Must See Creatures At The Loveland Living Planet Aquarium

Spring break calls for rain and that means the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium is calling your name!

It’s your official Spring Break boredom buster!

We bit the bullet and paid them a visit to pave the way for your Spring Break entertainment. We know it’s hard. But we do it for YOU!

Here are our 10 favorite stops at the aquarium!


They are hypnotic. It’s like therapy watching them. Also, my reflection in that photo is like a ghost . . . watching you!

The New Expedition Asia Exhibit

The Pheasants of Asia were seriously at the very top of our list! Any picture I could have posted would NOT have done them justice. You have to go and see them for yourselves. They are magnificent!

The entire exhibit is great, but be sure to catch the lizard that’s constantly pacing back and forth. Especially if you’ve got tiny ones!

Freshwater Fish Tank

This tank is full of HUGE fish. It was mesmerizing for all of us!

The Starfish

Today’s the day! We think we’ve found Peach’s twin! (The starfish from Finding Nemo)


The Shark Tank

Because OF COURSE you should spend lots of time there. It’s amazing!


Blue Poisonous Frogs

Always my kids favorite! Their colors are so bright. But I think my kids love them because they are like the “bad boys” of amphibians. All cute and bright and adorable looking . . . but covered in POISON.

Garden Eels

Not the best picture, but my kids were cracking up! They are so funny to watch!

Little Springy Guy

This little guy was seriously my favorite. My photo doesn’t capture it well but it looks like an orange metal spring.

This Spikey Guy

Name this movie:

“Stepped on me. Stepped on me? Are you kidding? This guy was dancing on me. I mean just look at this, broken, broken, gone, gone, broken, broken, broken.”

Surfs Up! {One of our favorites, thus, the reason my family was highly entertained and why this spikey little guy made the top ten list! Also, his eyes. Seriously.}

Find Dory!

No trip to an aquarium is complete without finding Dory.



Suspension Bridge

Not a creature, but super fun nonetheless!

My teenage son was texting his friends on the car ride home trying to set up aquarium plans for the following week. That’s when you know something is really good. It’s when an 8th grade boy whole heartedly signs off.

So go. Get out! Don’t suffer at home in the rain and the gloom. Hit up the aquarium for your best day out!

Happy Spring Breaking!


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