Halloween Treat Ideas

What kind of treats do you give out for Halloween?

From the scale of full-size candy bar to toothbrushes where do you stand? I am closer to the toothbrush side, but not all the way there!

I find things that aren’t candy and buy them in bulk to give out. Everyone gives out candy, and if we’re honest kids don’t need that much candy. Last year at Costco I found mini bags of pretzels and mini card games to give out Halloween night. We had some kids that were rude about it not being candy so we made sure to give them a princess go-fish game instead of yummy pretzels.

This year I had a list of other ideas.
Fun Sized Snacks (Such as Granola Bars or Crackers)
Microwavable Popcorn
Novelty Toys (Check out Oriental Trading)
Pens or Pencils
Glow Sticks
Hair Clips
Novelty Jewelry
Other Party Favors
Mints or Gum

Some of this is more cost efficient than others. I compare everything to a big bag of candy and the fact that if the candy pieces are small I tend to want to give everyone two or three.

This year I ended up buying a bulk pack of Halloween packaged cheese puffs and an assortment of cookies and crackers. For those two things I paid a dollar or two more than it would cost for a bulk sized bag of candy, but I definitely got more out of my money.

I know from years past that I bought too much, but it won’t go to waste. Whatever we don’t use will be going in a care package to support the troops. (Ok, I’ll be eating some too!)

So what do you think? Am I the lamest Mom on the block?