Got Boys? Boy Party Ideas Just For Us

I’m a mom of boys, a M.O.B. No glitter or tutus in my future.

Everywhere I turn in the stores it’s Barbies, Bratz and baby dolls, princess and tea parties. Seriously, does your boy have enough sport themed shirts? But the movement is growing, M.O.B.s are taking over! Through my travels on the internet looking for ideas that my boys would like to do, I’ve gotten to know a few fab peeps I bet you’ll like too!

If you are looking for amazing printables and party ideas, your first stop should be Spaceships And Laserbeams. Her shop is full of every boy theme you can think of, and all original artwork so your party won’t look like anyone elses.

All For The Boys shares her (mis)adventures going through a life of forts and Star Wars. She loves to share clever crafts and ideas, and even more clever parties. My all-time favorite, her condiment prank!

The Frog & Snail Society is always sharing boy-centric fun and her Boy Genius tips always lead me to more amazing boy stuff. From clothing and gear to boy rooms idea, Roxanne’s got it all.

If you are looking for places to burn off that never ending supply of energy or a spot for a kickin’ birthday party, check out Red Tricycle’s roundup of area spots, our personal favorite is Traxx Racing in Mukilteo.

What would a boy roundup be without yours truly? I’ve got a plethora of boy parties under my belt (last year’s Mario obsession for example), holiday parties with a boy twist (robot valentines anyone?) and I love putting together inspiration boards like Little Man Parties. I embrace full boyhood at events like BrickCon but still get a thrill when they want to do something I like; the little one wants a cooking birthday party this year. I think I shed a small tear.