Disney On Ice: Rockin’ Ever After at the GIANT Center

Get ready to put your dancing shoes on!

Disney has done it again with a brand new show featuring all our favorite past and current characters. On November 1, 2012 my daughter, myself and friends had the privilege of spending the evening with Mickey and the gang.

This year the all-star lineup features Sebastian, Flounder,The Little Mermaid herself as well as the charming servants from Beauty and the Beast. Rapunzel and Merida from Brave make their debut appearances this year. I can still remember being a little girl and how special my evenings were when I would go with my sister to see a Disney on Ice show, the night was always magical. My daughter is 6 years old and this was her first show. Her eyes lit up from the moment she stepped into the arena.

Mickey and friends kept the show moving nicely, there was never a dull moment! Each set was beautifully constructed and the lights shined brightly off the costumes. Oh and parents keep an ear out, you’ll be sure to recognize the songs! It won’t be long before you’re moving to the music as well.

The skating was of course flawless. What amazed me was the strength and fluid-like presentation (no pun intended!) that Ariel provided to the audience.

Rapunzel and Merida took to the ice next. I have not seen either movie but I will now! Rapunzel had a sweet yet assertive demeanor and Merida was strong willed and determined. Disney did a great job bringing the new characters’ stories to life.

Finally, no show would be complete without one of my personal favorite love stories, Beauty and the Beast.

Disney once again didn’t disappoint. The show was fast pased and high energy. I would recommend for all ages! The kids (and parents!) will enjoy seeing their favorite characters come to life and of course dancing to the music. My daughter and her friend will never forget this special night, the best part was meeting the man himself!

Rockin’ Ever After will be in Hershey, Pa from Nov.1-Nov. 4, 2012. Check out Ticketmaster for dates and times in your area!

Disclaimer: In exchange for attending and reporting my experience I was provided complimentary tickets, however all opinions and pictures are my own. I do thank TodaysMama.com and The Taylor Brand Group for a wonderful evening filled with excitement and memories!