Win A $100.00 Target Gift Card From The Todd & Erin Favorite Five!

Win A $100.00 Target Gift Card From The Todd & Erin Favorite Five!

But first, let’s congratulate last week’s winner–CJ Swann— for the $100.00 Home Depot gift card! CJ, hope you enjoy your shopping spree.

Now, on to this week’s giveaway: a $100.00 Target gift card.

First, an apology for the week lapse in gift card giveaways. The Todd and I just started our new morning show at Rewind 100.7 here in Salt Lake City–please have a listen and tell us what you think! You can download the free smartphone app or click on “Listen Live” on the website. So, we’ve been wildly out of control.

Winning is easy, we just ask you to follow The Todd & Erin Favorite Five on the social media of your choice.

So, there’s 7 ways to belong to The Todd & Erin Favorite Five community, and you’re welcome to enter once to win for every way you follow us, meaning 7 chances total to win! Please drop me a comment below telling me you’re in the Cool Crowd after clicking the direct links above and following. If you’re already One Of Us, a comment telling me how is great.

We’ll draw a winner on Wednesday March 12th, 2014. Good luck!