What Fits in an Easter Egg?

Today we are going to play a game! Can you guess what fits in a jumbo sized Easter egg?

Valentine’s Candy fits in an Egg

So do snacks!

Clementines fit in an egg, some are much more snug than others!

Eeyore fits in an Easter egg, just like his friend Pooh.

Cars fit great,

and so do Army Men. Why there is only one army man we will never know…

Regular Sized Crayons don’t 🙁

Mini Rubber Ducks are cute, and they also fit.

A few magnetic letters fit.

Batteries fit, great for kids that have something that needs batteries in their Easter basket.

My son will love this money even though he’s not yet two. He loves to put coins in his piggy bank!

Could you guess that was a fish? You could see the eyes through the egg, it’s a little creepy but it fits.

Also a small stress ball fits,

And so do Nerf bullets.

Having stuff that isn’t candy in eggs will help keep kids healthier, and toys last longer. Now that you have plenty of ideas to get creative with, what are you going to put in your eggs?