Valentine Box Ideas

Valentine Box Ideas

Around February 12th, my children usually go into a panic trying to figure out a great Valentine box for elementary school. Some teachers make it a competition, which adds lots of extra adrenaline to the project. Here are a few Valentine box ideas I am gathering in an effort to cancel out the stress!

First, is a bird house Valentine Box from Make it Do. Cute and easy.

My girls wouldn’t be into this one, but I like this monster idea from Last Minute Mel.

Here is a Valentine tree box from Make it Do.

A few years ago, my daughter made this i-Pod Valentine Box for school using a cereal box and silver spray paint. She was seriously crushed it didn’t win the competition!

Here’s a simple and adorable Valentine Box made from a good old shoe box. This one is from Nathan’s Prayer (and adds extra special meaning to Valentine’s Day!)

Check out this ultra-professional Valentine Box from Family Fun. Creating this one would take some serious parent intervention.

Here’s the end of my Valentine Box tour. It’s a Crocodile from HP Creative Studio and less complicated than you might think. All the pieces are printable templates. If it’s 9:00 p.m. on February 13th, this one might totally be the way to go.