The NYBG Holiday Train Show is Back and it’s Better Than Ever!

The NYBG Holiday Train Show is Back and it’s Better Than Ever!

The Holiday Train Show at New York Botanical Gardens is a tradition for so many families each year and there’s good reason! If you have little train lovers, they’ll be in their glory watching trains zip by. If you don’t have train lovers, well…you just may after bringing them here. If you are wowed by creations built out of nature like twigs, bark, leaves and pinecones, prepare the be amazed. The attention to detail here is really incredible!

This year they’ve expanded and there’s 3000 additional square feet of trains, bridges and tracks to explore this year. Bigger. Better. A lovely winter wonderland with twinkling lights and Christmas decor in the beautiful and glowing conservatory building. Trains zipping through lush gardens of leaves and flowers. Very cool!

We had a great time at the NYBG! My 9 year old could have stayed much longer. Trains zipping around ponds, over bridges and around buildings is fascinating for everyone. What is it about miniature trains that is so mesmerizing? I enjoyed the buildings, each with a little sign stating what it is, when it was built and even the year it was demolished, if applicable. Wow. Central Park, the Empire State building, the NY Public Library and so many more landmarks of NYC, each so intricately detailed. It’s really incredible!

Entering the train show, this year you get to watch a brief few minute movie about the creation of the show and see how some of it was built. Then walk through and stay as long as you like

( but be warned, once you go through it, there’s no going back

After you leave the train section, head into the rainforest and stroll through the lush greens with the kids. They love walking up and down the stairs too and they’ll marvel at the size of the leaves on some trees! I know I did.

Head outside and you have a few choices. Grab some snacks or a meal at the Gingerbread Cafe or take a walk over to the Everett Children’s Adventure Garden. The younger ones have a great time exploring the outside activities like mazes, sculptures and rocks to climb. There’s also a few indoor activities for them to try out. We got to make a little sachet that smells like a Christmas tree!

Back to the trains- take a peek at some of these pictures that sum up the cool factor of this train show. It’s different than other shows you’ve been to, if you are like me and have train loving kids! I didn’t want to photograph it all- you’ll have to go see in person. The New York Public Library building and the Conservatory replica were my personal favorites- wow, just wow! But all the buildings, and bridges really are works of unique art.

Tickets are available on NYBG site. Pick your allotted time and spend a few hours creating a new family tradition. Or head back if you haven’t been there in a while! It’s a great way to spend an afternoon. The train show runs through January 18th. Enjoy it!

discolure: Thanks to the NYBG for providing us with admission to enjoy this show and share it with TodaysMama readers!