Summer’s Coming!

Guess what?! Summer is coming!!

You know what that means? More sibling play time! There’s nothing more heartwarming than seeing my kids play together. Last summer was the first time they truly enjoyed each other’s company in large quantities, and it was amazing.

Lots of time in the backyard… little cars, and bikes, and the water table, and bubbles! Lots and lots of bubbles! And yes, my son is wearing a full suit. He’s cool like that!

Blowing up the big pool! Water play! And lots and lots of splashing!

You know what else summer means? Going to the beautiful Lake Don Pedro or Lake McClure… on Grandpa’s boat! If you haven’t been to these two lakes before, they are beautiful, easy to find, and usually not too busy… so don’t spread the word too much!

And who doesn’t love tubing? This was S’s first time (she was 2!), and she’s a little adrenaline junky!

Only 6 weeks of school left! We’re also looking forward to wearing out our season passes to California’s Great America, Happy Hollow Zoo, and lots of time at the park. Keep an eye out for more posts about awesome summertime activities in the Bay Area!

What are you looking forward to most about summer?