Spring Celebrations: Easter Crafts For Toddlers

Bunny Masks via Babyccino Kids Blog

OK, the daffodils have made their appearance in my yard.

As in all over my yard (in the grass, in between the fence posts, under bushes… everywhere). Spring is here, if you ask me.

I’ll worry about the bulb problem in a bit. For now I’m just excited about Easter.

I love a holiday as much as the next mother-of-a-toddler. My daughter’s delight is just electric. I love watching her excitement at every new thing out of our day-to-day routine.

Although we’ve never really sat and done crafts together, I think these might be right up her 21-month alley.And it’s probably time. She’s recently discovered coloring, and if that can entertain her for 45 minutes straight, these are sure to get her excited for Easter.

The key to any activity with a toddler I’ve found is: it must be easy and it must be somewhat short. These fit the bill perfectly.

Happy Easter!