Portable North Pole

Image from Portable North Pole

We’re doing Elf on a Shelf for the first time ever this year, and it’s pretty effective.

But just to add a little extra juice to the “Santa is watching” concept, I created an email from Santa through Portable North Pole.

I’d say so far we’ve watched it about fourteen times, and I made it two days ago. It’s pretty legit. Santa knows A LOT about your little friend thanks to the short questionnaire filled out by mom/dad/grandma who arranges for this message to be sent. With an uploaded photo of your child as the cover of Santa’s special “information book”, you’ve got quite a movie.

She LIT UP when I told her she had an email waiting from Santa. And as I watched her little face shine as she watched her email video, I got a little tear. She is such a little believer right now. THE CUTEST! Make some of this magic happen at your house!

Ho Ho Ho!