Pom-Pom Pen and Clip Board DIY Teacher Gift

When it comes to teacher gifts, I think about what I would like to receive.

I start getting the craft bug, and I want to make things, not just buy them. Now, I’m not one for doing the same thing every year for every occasion. I like to mix it up a little. That is one reason I love Pinterest so much. There are so many ideas for everything.

For my son’s teacher’s birthday I decided to use my creativity along with my pal Pinterest and come up with a great gift. One I would love myself (hint, hint). I decided to make a pom-pom pen and a clip board. What teacher doesn’t like a cute clipboard or pen?

The first thing I did was go to the fabric section at Walmart (yes, some Walmarts still have a fabric section). I found 2 contrasting materials that were already cut and ready to go. They were less than a dollar each.

When I got home, I pulled out some yellow scrap fabric and cut a 1 inch strip of it for the stem. Then I cut a 4 inch strip of the other two (for the flower). I folded the two 4 inch strips in half, long ways. Then I took each and cut slits about 1/2 inch apart. I didn’t cut all the way down. I cut just right before the fold.

I cut a 1 inch piece of fabric for the “stem”.

I cut strips of fabric 4 inches and folded them.

I cut slits in the fabric.

Then, I got on my handy dandy sewing machine and sewed a straight stitch the length of the fold on each of the two fabrics I cut.

Sew a straight stitch down the fold.

Next, I fired up the hot glue gun and got gluin’! I wrapped one color around the end of the pen probably 10 times, gluing like crazy. Then I took the second color, the red, and did the same. After I had my pom-pom going, I wrapped the yellow around the length of the pen. I liked that it looked messy and had some fraying. I thought it gave it personality.

It took a ton of hot glue to make the pom-pom.

That was probably the easiest thing I have made in a long time. Super easy and so much fun to put together.

Final product!

Next, I made the clipboard. I had purchased a set of two boards, again from Walmart.

I already had scrapbook paper ready to go. I chose three sheets that I thought would look fun when put together. I traced them out so that they would fit almost perfectly on my board (It never fits perfect for me, no matter how hard I try).

Scrapbook paper and clipboard fun.

I got out the Mod Podge and glued down my red paper first. Then, I slapped down the alphabet paper, then my school bus paper. Then did two coats of Mod Podge on top to seal it all together. Once dried, I added some ribbon to the top and a small pad of paper.

We put a zip tie on the clipboard to keep it open while the paper dried.

Again, super easy and fun. And it really didn’t take long to make. I even made myself a pen and a board. I think they are cute, but I am a little biased.

I ended up making a second pen for myself, in case you are confused as to how the colors switched up.