Marshmallow Ghost Pops – A Homemade Halloween Treat

A few weeks ago my family took a fall trip to Disneyland

I love Disneyland in the fall — I love the decorations, the lighter crowds and, of course, the seasonal food items that are only available during Halloweentime. Some my sons’ favorite Disneyland treats are the chocolate covered marshmallows so we were happy to see that they had special ghost marshmallows just for Halloween. Upon our return home I decided to try my hand at making my own. These make perfect favors for a Halloween party! (And, of course, they are gluten-free.)


  • 1 bag large marshmallows
  • 1 bag of caramel candies (11 oz.)
  • 2 tablespoons milk
  • 1box of white Baker’s chocolate (this covered about 3 marshmallow pops)
  • Black cake decorating gel ( be sure to read labels carefully – some contain gluten!)
  • lollypop sticks (available at craft stores like Michael’s)

1.Place three or four marshmallows on the end of a stick. Make sure you don’t poke the stick all the way through the top marshmallow.

2.Melt your caramels–along with 2 tablespoons of milk–in a double boiler. (The milk will prevent the caramel from taking on the consistency of cement once it cools.) Stir together until melted.

3.Working quickly, dip your marshmallows in the caramel. I found I was able to get the best coverage by using the spatula to drizzle the caramel over the marshmallows.

4.Place caramel covered marshmallow pops on a baking sheet lined with NON-STICK foil. Put in the fridge to cool.

  1. (I took my caramel covered marshmallows out of the fridge after about an hour.) Melt the white chocolate. The instructions on my box of Baker’s Chocolate said to use the microwave but I found that the double boiler worked fine. Be very careful not to overheat the white chocolate or it will harden and smell weird. Not that I would know anything about that…

6.When the white chocolate is melted, dip caramel covered marshmallows. Once again, I used a spatula to spread the white chocolate around to make sure it covered the visible surfaces and all of the caramel covered areas.

7.Return candy to the fridge.

8.Before serving, pipe on faces using chocolate or edible gel. It’s easy to find black tubes of edible gel during this time of year. (Though the faces on the Disneyland ones were made from piped on chocolate.)

The final product. Spooky - and tasty!

What are your favorite homemade Halloween treats?