DIY Mothers Day gifts

I’ve always been a huge fan of DIY gifts ever since I was a little girl.

My mom always did fun crafts with us and my siblings and I always loved giving more than receiving. Don’t get me wrong, I like to get gifts! But I absolutely LOVE to make people smile with a really thought out hand made surprise. So in celebration of Mother’s Day and all our wonderful moms….here are some great ideas to get your creative juices flowing. The first one is something that I made myself with a little help from my son and I’ve also included some really awesome things that I found on PINTREST…Gotta love it. Here we go:

Sleep mask and aroma therapy rice filled bag

Step 1: Cut out your pattern from two different fabrics, using a cute fabric for the outside and a soft felt for the inside that would be against the eyes.I just free handed the pattern — it isn’t very complicated.

Step 2: Cut a piece of elastic long enough so that it will fit from one ear behind your head to the other ear but needs to be stretched just a little. You don’t want it too tight or loose that it just falls off.

Step 3: Turn the two fabric pieces inside out and be sure to insert one side of the elastic inside and have it poke out one side just a little and sew that in place.

Step 4: Sew around the entire mask leaving a little space for the other side of the elastic and room to pull the fabric right side out.

Step 4: Sew the opening shut making sure to secure the elastic good and TADA – try it on! You might want to keep it!

For the rice bag it’s even simpler! Just cut out pieces to match your mask but this time only in the shape of a rectangle. Sew inside out and leave a little space to fill with rice mixed with a little bit of your favorite essential oil (Make sure your oil is safe for skin contact and you can have an older child help you pour some in the bag). Flip right side out before you fill with rice, then sew the opening shut! ALL DONE 😀

TIPS: Do not add too much oil!

Fill the bag 3/4 full. Too full and you won’t be able to close it!

Super easy, affordable, and CUTE!

All that’s left is some cute wrapping. I decided to use these recycled pillow case boxes from a friend. I tied with some raffia and simply printed some thing and tore around it and added little charms and tags. Instant awesomeness for any budget!

Mom will LOVE it!

Need a couple more ideas? Here are some of my favorites:

Photo Pendants from

Cute sign from