Celebrate New Year’s At Home

Can’t or don’t want to head out for New Year’s Eve?

Hosting a party at home is so hot this year…I’m having one with great friends and their kids. I’ve been doing serious research for great ideas to use. Let me inspire you with a few…

If most of your friends are whooping it up New Year’s Eve, catch them the next day! Last year I hosted a Toast In The New Year brunch on New Year’s Day and we had a blast!

I’ll be using some of Ellinée’s free party printables at our own soirée this year. Don’t miss their free party hats, too.

Break out the glittah and glue and jazz up those store bought sparkler sticks with The Pretty Blog‘s free printables.

Incorporate how other countries around the world celebrate the New Year with (Cool) Progeny; wear red or yellow underpants, eat grapes, and carry a suitcase!

Make chocolate party hats with Tasting Independence…with younger kids, you can use chocolate frosting instead.

A little paper crafting with Fiskars goes a long way…I love making little bottles of bubbly look all pretty.