Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo isn’t part of my heritage, but it is a great excuse to party.

Since my version of a party involves hanging out with my kids and not alcohol, my celebration has a different focus than the ads on TV. It revolves around the culture, the history and of course the food.

Although I always thought Cinco de Mayo was the Mexican Independence Day, it’s not. It is a celebration of liberty and freedom and involves a victorious battle against the French — keeping the French from feeding supplies to US Confederate forces during our Civil War.

Since the holiday is on a weekday, we’ll have to fit our celebration around work, school and homework. We’ll have a Mexican dish for dinner, this year it will be Chicken Enchiladas; maybe I’ll try my hand at homemade Spanish rice and refried beans. Do you have a good recipe? I have a couple of delicious Mexican desserts. My favorite is Triple Chocolate Quesadilla that I found in the Arizona Republic a few years ago. It might not be authentic, but it is tasty. If I need to simplify, I’ll make Bunuelos.

If there’s time before dinner, make a few tissue paper flowers to decorate the table or some other crafts like a chili pepper garlandor God’s Eye. We might even listen to some lively fiesta music.

After dinner we might enjoy a few activities like a Spanish Word Scramble (I’d recommend sticking to simple words), a Fiesta Scavenger Hunt or Pass the Sombrero (it’s like musical chairs with a hat).

Maybe you want more. There will be an all day, family friendly celebration in Chandler. I’m curious to see the Chihuahua races.

No matter how much time you have, I hope you celebrate your family. That’s the best kind of liberty!