Best Halloween Class Party Ideas

Forget Halloween bingo and sugar cookies.

With the resources we have at our fingertips, we can throw an unforgettable Halloween class party — with not much more effort required! Here are some of the best Halloween class party ideas the web has to offer:


At our school, healthy snacks are required–even at Halloween. Teach Mama suggests “Booger Sticks” with green colored cheez-wiz.

Teach Mama also has these Carrot Fingers. Those look so much scarier that the ones I have made before with baby carrots. Long, peeled carrots. Got it.

Creepy Chili, like this idea from Parents, is another great Halloween class party option. One room mother brings the crock pot of chili and another brings the cheesey shapes.


Babble has the instructions for these cute and easy Spooky Pop Up Haunted Houses.

My kids would love to make these these Ghostwriter Pens from Spoonful. Crayola Model Magic and green nail polish. Perfect!

Would it be fun to print out these Halloween book covers and let the students cover a novel in their desk with it? Maybe not the most intricate Halloween class party craft–but these printables from Little House on the Corner are oh so cool.


I like kids to be writing. Any kind of writing. Even at a party. Spoonful has this great “Mad Libs” type Halloween Tale.

Halloween bowling is an instant party hit. Here is a version from Be Different Act Normal. I’ve also done this with empty, clear 2 liter bottles.

You can pull off a virtual classroom “haunted house” with a blindfold and bowls of peeled grapes, pudding and spaghetti. Here are ideas on this from Parents.

Halloween parties are an easy win. But it is always fun to explore new ways to make it fun. Room mothers unite.