9 Creative Ways To Decorate Easter Eggs

There are basically 2 schools of thought regarding Easter Eggs:

Either you buy the $0.99 Paas egg dying kit, or you put in some effort. If you choose Paas, no hard feelings. Some years call for a kit and a 20 minute activity. If you’re ready to get artistic in your Easter Egg celebration, here are 9 creative ways to decorate Easter Eggs.

1.Au Naturale Easter Eggs. Dye eggs naturally with organic ingredients like red onion skins and turmeric. The Kitchn knows exactly how to do this with dramatic and beautiful results.

2.Fashionista Easter Eggs. Dye eggs using silk necktie fabric tied tightly around the egg and then boiled. Who knew Easter eggs could double as haute coutre? Fox Flat shows you how–just remember that silk dyed Easter eggs are best for thrifted ties and not your vintage Hermes scarf.

3.Hippy Dippy Easter Eggs. Put on the Grateful Dead and try your hand at tie dye Easter eggs — with a Sharpie marker! This couldn’t be easier. Housing A Forest shows you how to draw with a Sharpie and drip rubbing alcohol to create hypnotic patterns.

4.Punk Rock Easter Eggs. Is your teen too cool for egg dying? Or maybe you are? Try these punk rock Easter eggs from Edison Avenue that are less “spring represents new life!” and more “living life on the edge.”

5.Pysanky Easter Eggs. These are the intricately designed Ukranian Easter eggs that you see in stores. If you’re up for an artistic challenge, this is it. That Artist Womanprovides each step for you to follow, and the many steps involved could become a meditation of the season as you create each egg.

6.Each Egg In Its Own Basket. If you’re not into dying eggs and are looking for a different twist on the egg narrative, try crocheting little coverings for each Easter egg. There’s something pure and caring in this approach from Flax and Twine.

7. Leaf Print Easter Eggs. Spoonful takes 2 free things – leaves and ruined nylon stockings – and helps you make sweet leaf print eggs. If leaf rubbings are a fall staple, leaf print eggs are our new spring tradition.

8.Veruca Salt Easter Eggs. Sing with me…”Gooses, geese, I want my geese to lay gold eggs for Easter (it will, sweetheart!)” Create gilded or glittered Easter eggs with easy how-to’s from Sweet C’s Designs.

9.Kaleidoscope Easter Eggs. Aunt Peaches uses tissue paper and some household ingredients to create nuanced masterpieces that look a bit like kaleidoscope Easter eggs.