5 Easy St. Patrick’s Day Treats

I truly miss my twin sons’ time at our Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School.

(no, we’re not Catholic but I love those adorable little outfits with the blazers with the school crest on them, plus I figured MacLean could use a really healthy dose of guilt and responsibility. Sadly, MacLean has remained blissfully guilt-free.) But the best holiday at the school was St. Patrick’s Day–and boy howdy, did we celebrate. We always made elaborate floats for the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Salt Lake City, dressed up the kids and cooked corned beef and cabbage till the whole parish reeked. Maybe you’re not quite as hard-core, but you’d still like to celebrate with the kids at school? Here are 5 easy to assemble treats:

5 Easy St. Patrick’s Day Treats

1.I save this for the kid’s teachers to thank them for everything they’ve done. I usually tuck in a gift card to Barnes & Noble or Starbuck’s.

2.Chocolate coins in a sandwich bag with a little printable on top. There’s loads of great St. Paddy’s Day printables you can download free on How Does She.

3.Pretzel roads dipped in white, colored and milk chocolate and sprinkles. Such a fun kid’s activity–if you don’t mind a mess afterwards.

4.This treat almost makes me weep with it’s pleasing symmetry. It’s a S’more (my favorite treat) it looks adorable and it’s easy to make. You can find the Leprechaun Hat S’mores recipe on Cake Blog.

5.“You’re my pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!” My overachieving girlfriend Monroe made this educational and taught our toddlers colors and numbers while making them. Showoff.