5 Easy Christmas DIY Projects

5 Easy Christmas DIY Projects.

We just spent the weekend at my parent’s house for Thanksgiving, and if your fam is anything like ours, there were definitely pockets of downtime for the kids. Now that it’s December, we’re scheduled to go back for another round of family visits, except this time, I’m coming armed with the goods to keep the little ones busy–and happy. These 5 easy Christmas DIY projects, most of them free printables, will do the trick. Many of them make great gifts or holiday decor.

Give them to neighbors for a sweet, easy, friendly gift!

Clever blogger Carrie Elle launched her 12 days of Christmas Printables with this adorable letter to Santa template.

Preschoolers can get in on the action and actually learn something with these fab flash cards.

Why spend money when you can have the kids make the party decor?

Little Retreats is a fab Etsy shop known for making awesome photo props, so for those who would rather just order than print, go here.