15 Things That Will Happen At Some Point This Christmas In GIFs

We’re almost done! Christmas is almost here and with it, the sweet release from the unrelenting list of TO DO’s!


Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas. I really do. I’m about to get nuts and finish up my wrapping, baking, and merry making, and I can’t wait.

But let’s get real. This season is also straight up BANANAS and sometimes you gotta push through some serious crazy to get to the magical parts.

Perhaps it’s a bit ambitious to think that you’ll experience all 15 of these quintessential holiday moments THIS year, odds are dang good that these will be familiar to you, if you’ve had a few Christmas season’s under your belt as a mom…

So. Much. Wrapping.

You just realized you forgot to get the teacher a gift. And today is the last day of school before the holiday break.

Someone at the table wants to discuss their political views. And they are super dumb.

Someone brought a clearly very sick child to the festivities.

You’ve been eating sugar cookies since Thanksgiving and none of your pants fit.

You’ve given up hope of having a Pinterest worthy mantel / front porch / tablescape.

You’ve realized that the best shopping is done over 2 hours in Target with your best friend.

You talked yourself into the idea that it would be magical and festive to stay up late on Christmas Eve to put together toys. You were wrong.

You went to Costco on Christmas Eve and it made you lose faith in humanity.

Your kid bought you a back scratcher, but thinks its a fork, and is SO PROUD to give it to you that you think your heart might burst.


You’ve reached your “Last Christmas’ by WHAM! limit.

You’re worried you haven’t made it magical enough and you may have ruined your kids life.

You’re worried you are doing to much and you may have ruined your kids life.
Your kid brings home a handmade piece of festive art and you shed an actual tear because it’s adorable and time moves so fast and I’M NOT CRYING YOU’RE CRYING.

You finally got all of your shopping done. Boom.