"I feel like the quote, unquote “snapback” is so overrated. I’m still snapping back. I was playing in Wimbledon, and I totally have a stomach. You know? It’s no secret. It is what it is. And I’m proud of my tummy. It pokes out a lot more than it used to, but I’m still coming back from having a baby. I just feel like this whole story about having a baby and then coming back two days after and looking better than before is not teaching the right way or the natural way or the believable way. Like maybe that happened to one person, but let me tell you, that didn’t happen to me. So that really frustrates me. I just want to straighten that record that it takes time, and it’s okay. I’m playing in Grand Slams with a tummy, and I’m okay. It’s just how my body is. My intestines are still trying to get back in place. That’s my whole attitude. It’s normal to be a woman and not come back in a week."

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Erin Caserio
Erin Caserio


I wish we could be more appreciative of what a woman's body can ACCOMPLISH, instead of just appreciating how it APPEARS. Imagine a world when we, as women, could feel pride about the visible changes because we are recovering from pregnancy and childbirth, rather than lamenting our desire to get "our body back." Do I want to be healthy? Yes. Should we consider defining "healthy" in a more diverse way? ALSO YES.