The Piano Guys ~ Salt Lake City

The Piano Guys ~ Salt Lake City

I had a night in downtown Salt Lake City this past weekend with my oldest daughter – Red Rock for dinner, City Creek, then the grand finale : The Piano Guys! What started out as a gift to my daughter really turned into a gift for myself as well. Besides spending all afternoon and evening with her, I got to listen to 2 1/2 hours of the most incredible, inspiring music ever. What? You don’t know who The Piano Guys are? Well let me introduce you!!!

Jon Schmidt

The Piano Guys are a YouTube Sensation (see The Piano Guys Channel) that were signed by Sony Records a year ago. They appeared on the scene (the YouTube scene that is) two years ago. They are four middle aged Dad’s from Utah (their description from last night) – Paul Anderson (producer), Jon Schmidt (pianist), Steven Sharp Nelson (cellist), and Al Van Der Beek (producer), that got together when Paul had this idea. Inspired by the concept of viral videos, he set out to create the greatest YouTube channel ever, to market his St. George piano store called – you guessed it ~ The Piano Guys.

His idea to create that greatest YouTube channel? Make videos of people playing the pianos he was trying to sell, making music out in nature. What is so cool about that? Well when he asked Jon to participate, who in turn knew Steve who then met Al (see their story here), the most incredible partnership was formed.

Steven Sharp Nelson

So what makes them so unique? Besides the video of them playing on top of 1000 feet of redrock and the Great Wall of China (yeah – really). They take different compositions and genre of music and combine it into some of the most beautiful songs that I have ever heard. I mean who would have ever thought to combine Beethoven and One Republic? or Vivaldi and the soundtrack from the Bourne Identity? And who needs a drummer when they have Steven Sharp Nelson making sounds come out of (or off of) his cello. I have a feeling that with all the kids at the concert the orchestra teachers will have no trouble finding cellists anytime soon!

A friend of mine told me they were coming to Utah in concert. I had heard my daughter mention that she liked them so I asked her if she wanted tickets for Christmas. She was sooo excited! I had seen a minute or two of one of their videos online (I am not a video watcher), but was totally unprepared for the “experience” that I had last night. The Piano Guys have just added another raving fan to their list, and I want to thank them for creating the space to share the evening with my beautiful daughter.

I also have to send my kudos out to Red Rock Brewing Company – their surf-n-turf last night was the bomb. Followed by a walk through City Creek, which definitely got me into the Christmas spirit. Merry Christmas Ashley ~ I Love You!