The Lego Movie

The Lego Movie Poster

This past weekend I was invited to attend the press junket at Legoland for“The Lego Movie”,due to release on February7th

With four Lego-loving boys in our house, this movie has been on our “must-see” list since the teaser trailer. It more than lived up to their expectations.

We visited Legoland and met with two real life Lego Master Builders, Paul and Erik. Both of these master builders were a part of the making of the movie and played a huge role in leading a team to create the Lego city from the movie out of actual Legos – around 1.5 million Legos, if you can believe that! It took the team of 10 people about five weeks – 2,000 hours – to put the city together. It was amazing. The details are incredible. They are masters at their craft.

Model of the Lego City

Paul and Erik have worked with Lego for over 25 years and were excited to see their Lego art reflected in a movie. They both commented on how well the movie highlights the importance of creativity and imagination, which is what they love most about Legos.

Talking with Master Builder Erik

The incredible Lego city featured in the movie will be on display at Legoland starting February 20th.

Besides The Lego Movie set, Legoland also features Miniland… Millions upon millions of Lego bricks depicting architectural wonders as well as major cities of the world. One of our favorite Miniland areas depicts several locales from Star Wars, including Tatooine, Endor and Hoth.

Miniland at Legoland

The highlight of the weekend was a preview of “The Lego Movie” as a family. We all LOVED it. My boys have been quoting it and laughing about their favorite parts ever since we watched it. It is a fun movie for both kids and adults. This is the first feature-length film made about Legos and is different than the short Lego videos already available. The actions and moves of the Lego figures are true to their abilities. The sets and vehicles, everything in the movie can be made out of actual Legos. And the story is all about being a Lego and being part of a team. “Everything is Awesome!” you will be singing through the movie and on afterwards. The movie truly is awesome. We are already talking about seeing it again when it comes to theaters on February 7th. Don’t miss it!

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