The ARC Organization

The ARC Organization

The ARC was established by the family members of people with special needs and, for over 60 years now, has been a major source of support for those with developmental and intellectual disabilities. The ARC offers support and services in a wide range of areas, including family support services, residential assistance for clients, legal/advocacy services, as well as leisure and employment services – just to name a few.

There are over 700 state and local ARC chapters throughout the country. The Bay Area chapters include the

ARC of San Francisco, the ARC of Alameda County,
the ARC of Contra Costa County, and the ARC of Solano County. Information on all of the chapters throughout the US can be found at the main ARC website.

The ARC supports clients of all ages from birth to adulthood, and has provided vital assistance to, not only people with special needs, but to parents, siblings, lawmakers, educators, and friends. Becoming a member of ARC is a great way to support this organization and to give back a little of what it has given to so many who truly benefit from their help.