Summer Kids Movies 2018: EVERY Movie You and Your Kids MUST SEE This Summer


Bring on the plan-free, air-conditioned, Sour Straw-consuming part of summer!

Everything from feel-good revivals to action-packed sequels to long-awaited animation—the 2018 summer theater lineup will NOT disappoint.

June 8: Won't You Be My Neighbor

I know it's June, but grab your favorite sweater and settle in for a friendly documentary featuring everyone's favorite neighbor. Probably best for those of us who knew the guy originally, but it promises to be a good teaching tool, just like the original show!

June 15: Incredibles 2

HOW LONG HAVE WE WAITED FOR THIS?? We all know it’s going to be everything, and coming off the heels of Mother’s Day, I’m feeling all the good feelings about a working supermom. You go, Elastigirl!

June 22: Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

This is what dreams and nightmares are made of! Best saved for your teenage kids (Rated PG-13), Chris Pratt brings us the next installment of everybody’s favorite classic—and this time, things may get…explosive.

June 29: Uncle Drew

It's like Tyler Perry meets And 1 meets Space Jam, minus the aliens. But Shaq in that makeup is as space age as this flick needs to get. Grab your teenagers and #getbuckets!

July 4: Fireworks

Got anime lovers at your house? For older kids who can dig a story about competing for love and time travel (plus subtitles!), this is all you.

July 6: Ant-Man and the Wasp

Anything that involves Paul Rudd—at any size—I’m in. Marvel is bringing the laughs again with the second Ant-Man and his new partner, the Wasp (Evangeline Lilly), as they team up to fight crime and uncover the secrets of the original Wasp.


July 13: Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation

For the adults, The Love Boat references. For the kids, slimy barf babies and toot jokes. I don’t know that I need to continue, but I will—because there are also speedos, killer sea creatures, and a million celebrity voices to carry this winner home.

​July 13: Eighth Grade

Self-titled drama about coming into your own at a rocky time for all of us—the eighth grade. Promises to be inspiring and let kids know they're not alone in the struggle, but definitely for the older ones in the fam!

July 27: Teen Titans Go! To the Movies

I’m going to be honest here—I’ve never seen anything like this, and I would have given it a hard pass without knowing much. BUT, just thesoundtrack to this trailer has me totally convinced it’s going to be one of the best flicks of the summer. And I guarantee your kids will agree.


August 3: Christopher Robin

It’s Christopher Robin, all grown up! And man, can we relate. Remember when we were young, and life was full of adventure and fun? Neither does old Christopher. But enter Pooh, and we’re all bound to be reminded. #dontletthegrindgetyoudown

August 10: Dog Days

Puppies!! I mean really, need we say more? A good family film about those loveable fur babies that shape our lives and bring us together—yes, please. Add Finn Wolfhard and Ron Cephas Jones and you cannot go wrong.

August 24: A.X.L.

You know when you're riding your dirt bike and you come across a mechanical dog with facial recognition capabilities and he becomes your new best friend? Me either, but this film promises the action of Transformers with the boy-and-his-dog tenderness of Bolt.

(Bonus!) September 25: Smallfoot

And if you’re not quite ready to give up summer entertainment, hold out for the late September opening of Smallfoot—a yeti-believing, pun-lover’s dream film. Plus, with an all-star cast of everyone from Channing Tatum to Danny DeVito to LeBron James, you won’t want to…myth it. Bah!

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