Big Peach Running Co. – Coolest Place to Buy Running Shoes!

Okay, I admit, I shop for running shoes even by color.

Hence the order that I placed at the Big Peach Running Co. for Nike shoes in pink today. I mean I’m not really a red running shoe type girl. But before you think I’m really shallow and I just shop for my running shoes by color, let me explain.

I was ecstatic to find out that there was a Big Peach Running Co. opening up in Alpharetta, which is not too far from me. Have you ever heard of Big Peach Running Co.? If so, do you really understand what they do? They’re an awesome company that looks for the PERFECT shoe for you. I learned SO much today about my own foot. They study how you stand, so they know where you put the pressure in your foot, which foot you put the most pressure on, etc. So for me, I did have good even pressure with the majority of it in my heel but I put the majority of my pressure on my left foot. This sounded odd at first to my assistant, Barbara (who deserves an AWESOME SHOUTOUT!!) but to me it made perfect sense, because I have a bad right knee and therefore, I compensate with my left foot After I mentioned this to her, she understood also.

Also, they put you on a treadmill to see how you run and to see if you pronate your foot while you are running. If I get this right – it’s basically when you are running, how you are striking with your heel and how your ankle turns and then how you land. So they video your feet running on the treadmill to determine if you pronate while you run or not and that help determines if you need extra support. Then you get to watch it with them. This did help me discover I had a big bruise on the back of my shin I didn’t realize I had. 😉But it was pretty cool to watch and learn that I did pronate my foot – more on the left than the right. Again, maybe some of the over compensation from my knee. After all that, she watched me jog on the floor just to confirm everything she saw on the video.

Then we tried on shoes!! My favorite part. 😉 When she asked what I wanted – I told her I wanted a Nike (because I had just bought that morning the Nike ID thing for my shoe to work with my new Nano) and I really like pink shoes. Lol. Of course, neither of those is really important in the grand scheme of things! But Barbara went and grabbed four pairs of shoes that she knew might work based on everything we had just researched. The first Nike’s I LOVED (in pink of course!) but they were too small and the other three didn’t work because of other reasons. So we went back to the Nike’s in a larger size. BUT they didn’t have them in pink! Oh no! Just red. :-/ My hero Barbara, called multiple stores to try and have them transferred the pink ones but they must be popular as they were all out too! So she ordered them from the main store (or Nike, I don’t remember!) so I could get them in pink. So happy! I have to wait a week or two, but I’ll make do! 😉

The staff at Big Peach Running Co. in Alpharetta were just awesome! Like I mentioned above, I worked with Barbara, who gave me SO much good information!! Lots of information that I can use in Trivia if I ever make it to play. Her husband, Lucas, is the General Manager and was super nice to let me take all these pictures of the store! Mike and Steve are the owners, who I did not get to meet but if their staff is any reflection, they are just as great! I always believe that the staff reflects the management.

Big Peach Running Co. does have stores all over the Atlanta area. And even if you are reading this, not in Atlanta, check to see if there is a store in your area that does this type of thing too. This is for your own good to make sure you are protecting your feet as you are running. Especially for someone like me with a bad knee, it is really important to have the perfect running shoes. So if you are like me – check in your area for a store like this! If you are in Atlanta or the Atlanta, area. Go the Big Peach Running Co.! They are so helpful and knowledgeable!!