A Punny Look at the Phoenix Suns

A Punny Look at the Phoenix Suns

Score! Our friends had other plans, so they gave us their tickets to the Phoenix Suns’ game. Daniel was very excited and asked his friend, Josh, to accompany us to the game.

While I was very appreciative of the free tickets, their location left me less than enthusastic. They were at the very top of the arena and I am petrified of heights! As we climbed the mountain of stairs, I was relieved to find St. Peter, saving our seats for us, right next to the Pearly Gates…

stairway to Heaven

At first, the boys seemed very interested in the game, especially the pulse-pounding music played to keep the fans’ energy level high. The boys shouted, stomped, yelled “Hey!” at the appropriate times and enjoyed their monkey masks, courtesy of the Suns’ Gorilla.

They also wanted to eat. They ate dinner from McDonald’s and ice cream from Cold Stone. Once they polished that off, the excitement of a professional basketball game was waning.

They got bored.

It’s no wonder, either. As much as I love sports and I try to support my home teams, it’s hard to get behind a team whose roster reads like a “who’s who” of anonymous tall guys. To say this game had all the action of a high school basketball game would be an insult to dedicated high school players everywhere. I felt badly for the Suns’ players; you could tell they were really trying, but it just was not clicking for them. Their opponents, the Memphis Grizzlies, played more aggressively and thus, won the game. To illustrate:

  • The Grizzlies were in the key more often than people who live in Florida;
  • The Grizzlies did more pushing than a mom in a delivery room;
  • Memphis did more dunking than cops having breakfast;
  • The Grizzlies had more rebounds than Taylor Swift;
  • Those Grizzlies were in the paint more than Sherwin Williams;

It goes on and on, but to say the Suns didn’t rise to the occasion would be just another bad (true) pun. However, spending time with the boys was definitely…a slam dunk!