A Despicable GREAT Time!

A Despicable GREAT Time!

Namaste! I am so excited to share with readers of Today’s Mama about a fantastic all around, for everyone, movie opening July 9th…Despicable Me! I know you have seen the marketing ads…EVERYWHERE…and now it’s finally here! Since I have so much to tell you, I thought I would break it down into a three piece article. This first one being my own review of the film, and the next recounting my wonderful experience meeting the talented actors of the film, and the final article reflecting on my personal experience in wonderful Los Angeles. Without further ado, I bring you the wonderful new 3D release from Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment….Despicable Me! (I know you have seen the trailer, but click on the highlight to see it again!-you know you want to!)

What I truly love about this movie is that it appeals to everyone, the young and the young at heart! The twist on this film is that it focuses on a villain as the main character and his transformation from badguy to Dadguy! Gru, played by the fantastic Steve Carrell, (yes- I met and interviewed him along with the other talent-more on that later!), is a supervillain who thrives on being wicked and mean. He is the leader of his force of Minions, the cute yellow characters you, no doubt have seen everywhere! I love these little creatures…I wish I had one…oh look…… I do!

Gru biggest villainous new idea is to steal the moon, and in his quest to capture it, he encoutners his arch enemy, Vector, played by the very funny Jason Segal, (who is quite charming in person!) Vector, however, is a rich, nerdy and cocky young man, always dressed in his signature orange track suit. He always seems to get the better of Gru.

While Gru is trying to out-do Vector, Gru encounters & ends up adopting three young orphan sisters. The eldest sister is Marge, played by Miranda Cosgrove (the girls and I love the show iCarly!) Marge is the natural protector of her sisters and is a bit suspicious of Gru and his ways. She tends to push Gru’s parenting skills to the limit! The middle sister is Edith, played by Dana Grier. Edith is fiesty and tough who takes a liking to Gru’s villainous ways, as she is a bit of a scoundrel herself! The youngest is sweet little Agnes. All she wants is love. She instantly loves Gru as her new daddy. She also has a deep affection for unicorns! In fact, you have to check out this YouTube Montage that was cleverly pieced together. You too will become an Agnes fan and lover of unicorns!

Throughout the film, Gru is tested time and time again by his own, disapproving mother. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the voice for this character is played by the amazing Julie Andrews (she is so lovely to chat with!) Gru’s mom is extremely critical of everything he ever does. She is judgemental to the highest degree. No matter how hard Gru tries to impress his mother with his evil inventions and ideas, it just isn’t enough for her. There is a great scene that flashes back to Gru’s childhood that just makes you feel so sad for him by the end of it. It was this segment that I just wanted to reach out and give Gru a great big hug…you will too!

Without giving it all away, Despicable Me is filled with action and adventure, but also tender and transformative moments. Yes, I found myself, along with most of the audience, in tears at crucial points in the film. To top it off the movie is shown in 3D! Many of the scenes literally jump out to your senses with vivid color and motion…especially the rollercoaster scene! My four year old daughter loved it, as did my seven year old. But all ages will find something they take with them when they are finished watching Despicable Me. I love it when movies have that kind of impact….the kind where you keep talking about it after you leave the theater…great stuff! Even better, is the fact that there is no seriously dangerous or disconcerting scenes. The film is rated PG for some of the larger than life and “mean-wicked,” scenes, I assume, but nothing that can’t be talked about and explained and even used as a teaching point.

I can’t wait to see it again! Despicable Me opens July 9th everywhere! And for those moviegoers who become super fans, look for all sorts of Despicable Me goodies coming soon to market: books, Minion Dolls, Nintendo games, and even cell phone applications that allow you to translate the Minions language. Be sure to stay through the film credits with your 3D glasses on-you won’t be sorry! And speaking of Despicable Me goods, I will have some goodies to give away at the end of my article series. I would love to hear what you liked about the movie too! Have a Despicable Great Family Time watching Despicable Me! I’ll be back soon to share my experience meeting the fantastic talent, and my personal account of my time and adventure! I will also have many more photos and links to share too!