Back to School! How are you feeling? Celebrating? Crying? Conflicted?

I talked about my "Back to School Middle of the Street Meltdown" on Episode 7 of the Today's Mama Podcast and we want to know how you are feeling too! Do tell . . .

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Definitely conflicted feelings. I have two kids: one in Middle School and one in Elementary. I've been waiting for the kids to go back to school for a few weeks now (even set up a countdown timer widget on my desktop screen...I know I know...pretty pathetic). As the time winds down to that moment of them going back, I'm finding myself happy (celebratory), yet kinda bummed out. Almost similar feelings to having a birthday.

As a father who is really involved in their kids' lives (which I think a lot of fathers are in the same boat), I can connect with your sentiments from episode 7 when you talk about those overwhelming emotions. I'm super psyched that I will have more time to get more things done around the house AND work. However...having less time with the kids means less time talking with them and doing fun projects and slime experiments and kayaking on the lake and staying up late looking for shooting stars and satellites. And now with "back to school" mode here it means more activities and more sports for them and it's like life is pulling them away (or at least it feels that way).