Taking it to the ocean and finding a word!

Happy New Year from Coast Mama!

I’ve been on quite the hiatus, looking for jobs that work in my family’s schedule, finding time, making ends meet…2013 was a year of unexpected twist and turns…all the while trying to find balance. It’s something we mothers and fathers try to do everyday, now more than ever.

So during the first week of 2014, I have come to realize a bit about myself and my quest to find what is not only right for my family, but what is right for me. And so we get to start again,with that our annual tradition of jumping into the cold waters of the Pacific Ocean started back up today with my eldest daughter and I! This is her first time to Polar Bear Dip in Cayucos, California!

And then there is the word. Did you find your word for the year? It didn’t take me to long to find mine. I let it kind of come to me thinking about it from time to time, seeing if it fits. Allowing it to come to me in different ways…a song…a poem I see online…saying it over and over again until I decide…yup…that’s my word!


It’s my word for the year! You can read more about it here too. But I’m interested to hearing about Today’s Mama readers and what there words of the year are. And let us know what you are doing to start your year off! Cheers to you and to 2014!